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Updated November 15, 2006

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Kaiser Reunion 2001

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Ewald Kaiser is 100 years old   October 10, 2006


Ewald Kaiser's Birthday Party  
Arlington Heights, Illinois, October 14, 2006


Ewald Kaiser  

Born October 10, 1906 Hillesm쥬 Germany

 Richard and Lina Kaiser Family, Ewald on lower right.

Ewald's siblings and cousins, Hillesm쥼/span>

Richard and Edward Kaiser house, mill, factory. 
Lina "Oma" Kaiser in lower left window. Ewald one of the boys in front.

Waldbroel Confirmation. Siegfried and Ewald 3rd and 4th in front row.

First days in America, Ewald at upper right. Rochester, NY, Oct 1926

Kaisers, Sunnyside Avenue, Chicago 1935

Ewald's Family

Ewald's Children

Oma Kaiser's 90th, 1963

Lucy and Ewald, 1963

Ewald's Family

Ewald at the Kaiser Reunion 2001, Kankakee, Illinois

Ewald returns to his birth place 2002




Emma Kaiser is 100 years old
November 5, 2001
Emma Kaiser 3LR crop Nov 5 2001 100th BD.jpg (49144 bytes)
This photo taken November 5, 2001 on Tanta Emma's 100th birthday.

Emma Kaiser 1 Portrait.jpg (29250 bytes)
Emma Kaiser born Emma Lewuhn November 5, 1901 in Germany.
Married Adolf Kaiser (the 3rd son of Richard Kaiser and Lina Brebach)

Emma Kaiser
Carmel Hills Retirement Center
2801 Carmel Road
Charlotte, NC 28226

Emma Kaiser 2 On Porch.jpg (25301 bytes)

Emma Kaiser 2 Med Erika Alison.jpg (18114 bytes)

Emma Kaiser 6 Med.jpg (38054 bytes)
Tanta Emma with Margaret, Erika, Nate, Dik and Alison
October 20, 2001     Charlotte, North Carolina


President Bush Visits Kaisers in Chicago
George W Bush 1m Janet Lori Lydia 4 Oct 01 Chi.jpg (38470 bytes)
President George W. Bush (3rd from left) with Janet, Lori and Lydia Kaiser
at the local Norwood Restaurant
October 4, 2001 Chicago

George W Bush 2m Shaking Janet Kaisers Hand 4 Oct 01 Chi.jpg (15251 bytes)
President George W. Bush shaking Janet Kaisers hand

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