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Oma Kaiser Family Reunion

Hillesmuhle Mill 1LR with family.jpg (28783 bytes)
The mill with Kaiser children, Lina in black in left window.
Hillesmuhle circa 1913.

Kaiser 1LR at Hillesmuhle Circa 1904.jpg (39361 bytes)
Hillesmuhle Kaiser Women and Children, circa 1903.
(front row) (3rd from left) Emil, (5th) Fritz, (6th) Ernst, (7th) Adolf, (8th) sister Elizabeth, (13th at right) Robert.
(middle row) (3rd) Martha Harder, Emil’s 2nd wife, holding child,
(5th in stripes) housemaid Gustohen holding Otto’s sister Helena, (9th) Aunt Martha holding Thea.
(back row) (2nd) Aunt Amalie Reise, Emil’s 1st wife, holding Helene,
(4th) Oma Lina holding Hertha, (6th) Aunt Pauline holding Lydia,
(8th) Aunt Johanna holding Adele and (9th) Aunt Emilie holding Martha.

Leapold 2VLR House and Family.jpg (52518 bytes)
Otto Kaiser cousins iin front of Uncle Leopold’s House.
(front) Karl Kaiser, Friedhelm, Arthur, Martha and Albert Bungenberg,
Adolf, Anna, Elly, Bertha, Rudy, Lydia, Otto, Helene, Paula, Hertha, Esther, Ewald and Siegfried Kaiser.
(in window) Pauline (Wollenweber) and Leopold Kaiser. Circa 1911, Hillesmģ„®

Linas Kids 1LR Hertha Ewald Otto Sieg Helene Circa 1913.jpg (39748 bytes)
Winter day in front of Lina's house.
Hertha, Ewald, Otto, Siegfried with ice skates and Helene.
Hillesmuhle Circa 1913.