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   Kaiser Reunion 2002
    Day 1 - Friedewald
         Monday August 5, 2002

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American Kaisers at the Friedewald Castle August 2002

Friedewald Welcome
Thanks to Cousins Friedelore Kaiser and Gunter Jung
Kaiser Reunion 2002 140MR - Friedewald Welcome.jpg (27376 bytes)    Kaiser Reunion 2002 012MR - Friedewald Yard View.jpg (10520 bytes)

Kaiser Reunion 2002 004MR - Cousins Friedewald Group Photo.jpg (23510 bytes)       Kaiser Reunion 2002 005MR - U A Friedewald Group Photo.jpg (23489 bytes)


 Reunion Orientation
Kaiser Reunion 2002 008MR - Friedewald Castle Front.jpg (24367 bytes)       Kaiser Reunion 2002 007MR - Friedewald Knights Hall.jpg (20236 bytes) 

Walk around Friedewald Town
Kaiser Reunion 2002 006MR - Friedewald Street.jpg (19071 bytes)        Kaiser Reunion 2002 009MR - Friedewald Walk.jpg (21149 bytes)

We stayed for one week in the Friedewald Castle in central Germany. This beautiful castle dates back to the seventeenth century. Friedewald is a very nice small town and is the birthplace of Friedrich Kaiser. Friedewald is minutes away from the small town of Mauden the home of Friedrich Kaiser’s wife Dorothea Fries.

Friedewald 2MR Road up to Castle.jpg (17258 bytes)  Friedewald 1MR Courtyard.jpg (18564 bytes)
Kaiser Reunion 2002 016MR - Friedewald Yard.jpg (18914 bytes)
Friedewald Castle Courtyard

Friedwald Castle 3MR Shadow and Town from Sky.jpg (45207 bytes)

Friedewald 3MR Castle courtyard view.jpg (20704 bytes)  Friedewald 4MR Castle courtyard.jpg (18641 bytes)
Friedewald Castle Courtyard View                                    Friedewald Castle Courtyard         

Friedewald 6MR Castle conference center.jpg (21336 bytes)        Friedwald Castle 4MR Dining Hall.jpg (17171 bytes)
Friedewald Conference Center (next to Castle)                 Friedewald Conference Center Dining Room

Friedwald Castle 1MR Interior.jpg (18689 bytes)    Friedwald Castle 2MR Library 15000 books.jpg (9800 bytes)
               Friedewald Knights Hall ("Ritterstal")                         Library (15,000 books)