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   Kaiser Reunion 2002
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New Coverage





Lahr River, Germany
with Konrad, Bärbel, Diana, Manuel, Anna-Lena and Pauline

Manual (Manuel) operated lock system

Daaden, Germany
Bärbel's cousins

Kierspe, Germany
Elisabeth Sümper Kaiser's cousins


Kierspe, Germany
Bungenberg Cousins


Geringhausen Area, Germany
Engelberth Country


Oeleroth, Germany
Willi Clemens

New found photo ... on the boat to America.  Willi as boy in sailor suit. Otto Kaiser back right.

Wilden-Wilnsdorf, Germany
Friedelore Kaiser and Gunter Jung

Rhinebach, Germany
Ruth (Brebach) Schmidt and her daughter Almuth

Wehrheim, near Frankfurt
Hertha (Brebach) Simon, (101 years young)

Linde and Helmut (Brebach) Simon

Rennerod, Germany
Menk Family

Alps, France
Bourgeois Family

Stuttgart, Germany
Gerhard and Karin Kaiser

Prague, Czech Republic

London, England

Paris, France